Make your curtains smart


The smartest curtain system

  • Powerful & Reliable

    With a powerful and silent motor and a cable used in parachutes, Slide can easily pull heavy and even double curtains, every day.

  • Effortless

    Slide is super easy to install on all normal straight tracks. You simply use your existing track. No screw or drill involved.

  • Discover the comfort

    Use your curtains in new unique ways with truly added value, or simply control them using the app or your smart home setup.

Take full control

Use the Slide app for all your favourite features, or simply use your voice with Google Assistant.

Slide app

Why Slide?

Slide holiday mode

Away from home? Slide got you covered

Control your curtains from anywhere in the world. With Slide, nobody has to know you're away..

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Isolate your home and save money

Use the insulating power of curtains. You can save up to 270 m3 of gas per year. Good for the environment and for the costs.

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wake up

Wake up the natural way

Set Slide's alarm function and let daylight wake you up for a energized start of the day.

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easy install

Easy to install

Slide is easy to attach to your existing rails. The Slide app guides you through the installation process with step by step videos.


Average Trustpilot review on Slide: 4,7


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